Friday, May 29, 2015


Introduction to Biology

Learn all about Biology in 5 minutes.


Image showing biology symbolsBiology explores the levels of organization of life, from the molecular level, through cellular to higher levels. 

 The CSec Biology Syllabus or the Biology Road Map created by WGP Academy is designed to allow students to work individually in order to prepare for the CSec Biology Examinations.

 Biology At a Glance

The syllabus is arranged in five sections as follows:

Section A - Organisms in the Environment
Section B - Life Processes
Section C - Continuity and Variation
Section D - Disease and its Impact on Humans
Section E - The Environment and Human Activities

You will be loving Biology with the easy to follow and fun to listen short videos. Check out the Resource Center for our Roadmaps  and other helpful hints. This is the Leading Edge of Education.