Friday, May 22, 2015

[video url="" title="Introduction to CAPE Physics" img="images/stories/demo/videosm.png" header="Introduction to CAPE Physics" label="Watch Now!" vwidth="450" vheight="318"]Learn all about Physics in 5 minutes.

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Physics is the study of nature, conducted in order to understand how the world around us behaves. Physics study matter and its motion, as well as space and time and explores concepts such as force, energy, mass, and charge. The CAPE Physics Syllabus will enable persons to be aware of the laws and theories of Physics that influence every aspect of their physical existence and to acquire understanding and knowledge of technological and scientific application of Physics, especially in the Caribbean context. The CAPE Physics Syllabus is structured to ensure that students become aware of their moral, social, and ethical responsibilities as well as the benefits intrinsic to the practical application of scientific knowledge in careers in the field of science. The syllabus also helps to develop an understanding of the scientific process, its usefulness and its limitations.